My goal is to bridge gaps in our current educational climate, and to engage key stakeholders in conversations about how we can facilitate system-wide change. As a change leader, I seek to build capacity and positively impact the mental-behavioral health of children and the professionals who serve them.

Using the ARTERY (Active Recruitment, Training, and Educator Retention to serve our Youth) Pipeline Framework for School Psychologists, I coach leaders in how they can apply the core constructs to problem solve both short- and long-term solutions to systemically change human capital supply in their state. Targeted levers of discussion include statutory and regulatory policy change, state level alignment and leadership, district/university level planning and implementation, and professional advocacy. Complex problems require complex solutions, and the ARTERY Pipeline Framework will provide state leaders with concrete steps to achieve their ratio goals.

In my experience, conversations are occurring in isolation, without a forum for large-scale impact. My objective is to help facilitate that forum, and to start filling in the gaps. Often times the most important parts of a dialogue are the pieces or voices that are missing. If you are interested in being part of the change, I would love to schedule a conversation. I am currently booking new speaking engagements, and would love to learn more about how I can help participate in your event. To discuss scheduling a speaking engagement, please fill out the form below.