My goal is to bridge gaps in the current educational climate of Nevada, and to engage key stakeholders in conversations about how we can facilitate system-wide change. As a change leader, I seek to build capacity and positively impact the mental-behavioral health of children and the professionals that serve them.

The conversations I participate in occur along a broad education and mental health continuum, including consumers as well as professionals. Children, parents, university students, practitioners, clinicians, university faculty, community advocates, treatment administrators, and community members provide valuable insight toward the change. As an advocate, I am asked to present and speak to various stakeholder groups at the state and local levels.

In my experience, conversations are occurring in isolation, without a forum for large-scale impact. My objective is to help facilitate that forum, and to start filling in the gaps. If you are interested in being part of the change, I would love to schedule a conversation. I am currently booking new speaking engagements, and would love to learn more about how I can help participate in your event. To discuss scheduling a speaking engagement, please fill out the form below.