My three primary lines of research center around policy design and social impact, mental health early risk identification and remediation, and career pathways for school-based mental health providers.

ARTERY Pipeline Framework for School Psychologists

One key line of research is the ARTERY (Active Recruitment, Training, and Educator Retention to serve our Youth) Pipeline Framework for School Psychologists that I developed out of extensive investigation and application of policy design and implementation. Leaders can apply the core constructs to problem solve both short- and long-term solutions to systemically change human capital supply in their state. Targeted levers of discussion include statutory and regulatory policy change, state level alignment and leadership, district/university level planning and implementation, and professional advocacy. Complex problems require complex solutions, and the ARTERY Pipeline Framework will provide associations with concrete steps to achieve their ratio goals.

Healthy Minds, Safe Schools

Another key line of research is mental health early risk identification and remediation. School-based mental health supports are most impactful when provided through a multi-tiered system of support. Using data collected over decades, Healthy Minds, Safe Schools was developed as a proactive solution to the ever increasing mental health needs of students. Our risk management screening and monitoring system helps school teams identify at-risk students, prioritize needs, and provide timely interventions. Current implementers are decreasing internalizing behaviors by -77% and decreasing externalizing behaviors by -75%. Click here to learn more about Healthy Minds, Safe Schools’ preventative screening tools and smart teaming approach.

Layers of Analysis Framework

Expanding upon my original findings surrounding power relationships and institutional control structures, I continue to investigate policy design and school-based mental health service delivery. Discourse at the text, policy, and societal levels can have various micro- and macro- implications.

Sometimes this impact is obvious, and sometimes it is veiled. Evidence becomes clear when the Layers of Analysis Framework (LoAF) is applied and policy makers can use this information to draft more effective policies driven by an equity based framework.

This line of research focuses on applying a complex analytic framework that I constructed to explore policy language in education. The objective of my research endeavors is to use the LoAF to expose the latent and manifest meanings embedded within policy discourse. The overarching goal of the LoAF is to remediate large-scale social issues by changing policy discourse.