As a parent and active member of my community, I strive to improve available social and mental-behavioral health services. I have observed the social policies that govern populations and the various impacts they have on children, families, and groups of people. Learning from policies that work, and modifying ones that don’t, are key to improving conditions within our communities.

For the past decade I have worked as a School Psychologist in Las Vegas, Nevada. During that time I have served as a bilingual School Psychologist as well as a site-based School Psychologist, and have supervised school psychology interns and practicum students. I have been a lead for an after school bilingual Child Find team and my recent leadership work within Psychological Services includes co-leading the Bilingual Task Force in an effort to revise our District’s bilingual referral process. In addition to my work with the local school district, I also teach classes for the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Outside my work as a School Psychologist, I volunteer my time with various boards and professional organizations. I currently serve as President of the UNLV College of Education Alumni Association and am a Director on the UNLV Alumni Association board. Giving back to our local institution and supporting individuals who work with youth and families is extremely important to me. Also, through my position as President-Elect of the Nevada Association of School Psychology I am able to advocate for school psychologists and the issues that impact the profession. Finally, as a Section Editor for the Journal of the National Association for Alternative Certification I am able to assist with vetting articles using a rigorous peer review process. It is with honor and enthusiasm that I provide service, engage in advocacy, and conduct research that directly impacts the field of education.

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