As a parent and active member of my community, I strive to improve available social and mental-behavioral health services locally and nationally. I have observed the social policies that govern populations and the various impacts they have on children, families, and groups of people. Learning from policies that work, and modifying ones that don’t, are key to improving conditions within our communities.

Dr. Katie Dockweiler is a policy researcher and practicing school psychologist. She currently serves on the Nevada State Board of Education and is a recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation award by the National Association of School Psychologists. Dr. Dockweiler’s areas of expertise include bilingual psycho-educational assessment, systems organization using neo-institutional theory, policy development using the Layers of Analysis Framework, and school-based mental health program implementation. She is co-founder of Healthy Minds, Safe Schools a student risk identification and management program. She also regularly consults on her policy work and ARTERY Pipeline Framework for School Psychologists to systemically bolster workforce development and promote school-based mental health careers. Dr. Dockweiler proudly serves as Chair of the National Association of School Psychologists Communications Committee, promoting advocacy and the role of school psychologists across a variety of contexts. Finally, she is the Director of Government and Professional Relations, and Past-President, of the Nevada Association of School Psychologists.

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